Vehicle Storage: What To Keep In Mind?


Vehicle Storage: What To Keep In Mind?

Entrusting a cherished car to the care of strangers is not something most owners would do lightly. If circumstances require putting your vehis. cle into vehicle storage, you need to be certain it will be in safe handWhen only the best will do, you could narrow the choice by looking for a specialist company such as those that offer classic car storage or racing car storage. But before you hand over your keys to anyone you should make sure they can satisfy the following demands:

  1. Indoor Vehicle Storage

For complete protection from harsh weather your vehicle must be kept in a dry, frost-free building at all times.

  1. High Safety and Security Standards

Indoor car storage on its own doesn’t provide total security. Find out what precautions are in place to prevent any accidental damage, and check the company’s security measures. How will they ensure that no unauthorised person will have access to your vehicle?

  1. Adequate Insurance Cover

Ask if your vehicle will be insured to its full market value against all claims.

  1. Routine Maintenance

Any reputable company providing prestige vehicle storage will know that it’s not enough to simply leave your car in a safe place. If your car is going to be returned to you in the same condition as you left it; cleaning, tyre checks and engine exercising will all be included in the service.

  1. MOT tests and Servicing

At the end of the storage period you will want to be able to use your vehicle straight away. If it has been in storage when it was due for an MOT test or servicing you should be able to trust the storage company to have organised these for you.

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