Vehicle Storage Services Offer These Detailing For Your Car


Vehicle Storage Services Offer These Detailing For Your Car

Vehicle storage companies have taken away a huge worry off your shoulders, for sure. You can now go on long vacations and be assured that your car will be safe at the same time. So the next time when you plan for holiday, don’t forget to book a car storage service.

However, is it only the storage service that these companies offer or are there any other services you can expect?

It might come as a surprise to you but these vehicle storage companies indulge in detailing cars too. Here are some services you can expect from your provider besides just the storage.

Maintaining the physical condition

If your car is at the vehicle storage for a pretty long time, the concerned company will ensure that it is in proper working condition; getting the engine checked to avoid non-usage problems, taking care of cold starts, etc. The process would include scheduled checks on the engine bay and brakes pedal and pads too.

Cleaning of the car

Keeping the car anywhere for a long will attract a layer of dust on the exterior. The storage companies take care of frequent cleaning of the car.

The “arrive and drive”

“Arrive and drive” is a popular concept that most companies tend to follow. This simply means keeping the cars in a perfect working condition at the time. With this, the owners can just come over and drive back with the car with absolutely no worries regarding the fuel or driving condition.

If you are looking for a vehicle storage company in Northamptonshire, The Autocar Storage is definitely an option to consider. It offers great services besides just the storage. So the next time you are on an extended holiday or a business trip, leave the worries of your car with Autocar Storage.