3 Things To Ensure Before Finalising Your Car Storage Service Provider


3 Things To Ensure Before Finalising Your Car Storage Service Provider

While finalizing the destination, arranging for accommodation and food and chalking out an itinerary for the leisure activities to the ‘things to take care of’ list when planning for a vacation, you can get easily stressed out if you have pets or a car at home. While pet care services come handy and the responsibility of your favourite pet becomes theirs, the question is, who does the same for your car? Well, Car storage services are the best to ensure that your car is well taken care of when you are personally not present.

Here are the things you need to look for when you are choosing a car storage facility:

  • Security of the facility

A professional car storage service will make every effort to protect your vehicle. There are strong electronically secured doors and rising bollards in the main entrance. CCTV cameras, fire and intruder alarms are some of the other safety measures available. Many of the specialist car storage companies do not display huge signboards around the facility for security reasons.

  • The storage environment

Before zeroing in on one storage facility, you may give it a personal visit to ensure that the environment within the premises is clean and well maintained. Well painted walls and concrete floors indicate that the building is moisture proof.

  • The correct infrastructure

Car storage doesn’t mean that the cars will just be stored and lying unattended in one corner. It is ensured that the vehicles kept are ‘ready to arrive and drive’ which means when you come back, you get the car in the best driving condition, full of fuel and ready to go. For maintenance, specialist car covers are placed on the vehicles instead of cotton dust sheets which may allow moisture to trickle in. For the batteries to be at their best, automatic battery conditioners should be connected to every car.

These are some of the most important factors you need to consider before you finalise your vehicle storage service provider. Auto Car Storage Company is one of the most efficient specialist car storage service providers in the Northamptonshire region. If you are going out for a vacation soon be rest assured, we won’t disappoint you.